Beethoven's 5th Symphony with Balls & Cooking spoons
Music beyond Corona… Can't stop the music!

Homemade music – listen, play & enjoy, was created during the Coronavirus outbreak having in mind the challenges of online teaching. What can we do as music teachers and parents to keep our children musically active while locked down but still learn and develop their musical abilities in an engaging and playful way? And not only children but everyone who wants to enrich their lives with music while participating in these fun activities. Here are the examples and ideas on how to creatively use objects found in every household - chairs, balls, kitchen utensils, jar lids, pencils, plastic bottles, etc. We hope you enjoy our activities as much as we enjoyed creating them!

Performed by: Sara and Sandra Frančišković
Arrangements: Sandra Frančišković, Music Teacher
Recorded by: Zorislav Frančišković, Music Teacher
Produced by: Mladen Ergić, Music Teacher
Logo design by: Pixeled
Thanks to: Vedrana Pavletić, Vedrana Batel, Natalija Banov and Voglja Hodžaj

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